Bright Ideas

100% London Design opened this week. The UK's largest design exhibition features Tom Dixon as its Creative Director. His installation "Blow" in Trafalgar Square, with low energy lights powered from a renewable resource. The lights were given away to the public yesterday.

I adore innovative light design and London is one of my fave cities. I wish I was there to see this! The lights look soft and warm, which is unusual for low energy.

In one of my other lives, I'd be designing lights.


samantha said...

I just started at the beginning and ended at the end here. Which is really a little backwards probably, but I have loved reading your archives. I can't even remember what I came here for in the first place!!

viva b. said...

thanks Samantha! I'm debating whether to continue this blog or not...but it's great that you read the whole thing and enjoyed it :)

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