Posters and Music {Go Together}

I really like these posters by designer Scott Hansen. Very retro yet very fresh. Something about his work makes me think about Stanley Kubrick films. Maybe the colors? More of his work can be found on his blog.

Scott also creates great music, under the name Tycho, which sounds very ambient-space lounge-cool electronica. I really like "The Disconnect" (can find on his sites mp3 player).


Beautiful India

My internet was out yesterday, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing...
Just found out my husband may travel to India for work, which I'm very excited about. My trip to India through design school last year was phenomenal...an absolute visual feast and bombardment of the senses. One cannot explain the sites, smells, and sounds that are unique to this beautiful country. It was on this trip that I began to really "look" with my camera. I know I'll return sometime again.

Here are just a few.

Although in sore need of updating, more photos can be found here.
I also found a great blog, rang:the coulours of life, with more lovely India.


Fade to Grey

I'm ready for Fall! Living in a climate where it's over 100 degrees for a 100 days straight...I crave the crisp cool air of autumn and a little grey.

I'm noticing a lot of yummy greys in the Fall collections. At Marimekko, their fall line has some beautiful, sublime shades.

Grey is the new (blank).


TGIF Music

New Underworld song "Crocodile", from the forthcoming album Oblivion with Bells.

Album artwork


Bright Ideas

100% London Design opened this week. The UK's largest design exhibition features Tom Dixon as its Creative Director. His installation "Blow" in Trafalgar Square, with low energy lights powered from a renewable resource. The lights were given away to the public yesterday.

I adore innovative light design and London is one of my fave cities. I wish I was there to see this! The lights look soft and warm, which is unusual for low energy.

In one of my other lives, I'd be designing lights.

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