pretty and simple styling from cinq


draw everyday

very inspired by christine's daily drawings series...

christine's portfolio


audrey smith

sweet paper collage works from audrey smith

spied at jars of cute





i'm about to pop...three weeks until due date, and of course daydreaming about non-maternity pretties....

+ anthro
++ modcloth
+++ coclico


our labor of love

such cool style and uniqueness from husband and wife photog duo, our labor of love

spied at blah blah blog (an absolute new fave of mine)

on a side note, my love for photography grows daily...
i want to learn to take beautiful photos, but for now i'm like a baby learning to eat...
my photog is awkward, messy, and not always pretty...not really knowing what i'm doing
but you have to start somewhere, so here i go


blogs : mad about design

print & pattern



so excited to receive my copy of blogs : mad about design from page one / maomao publishers...

maomao publishes an amazing collection of design related books
and i'm flattered that they wanted to include my little visual inspiration blog

the book is over 500 pages and beautifully designed...the range of blogs
is impressive...most blogs receive one to two spreads each and includes their three favorite blogs...you could peruse forever

...showing that indeed design includes a wide spectrum of topics, inspiration and thought

i'm unsure as to when the book will be available to the public...
however here's the ISBN 978-981-245-715-8


abigail borg

portfolio pieces from surface designer abigail borg


20x200 sale




a few of my fave pieces from the 20 percent of sale at 20x200

+ valerie roybal
++ carrie marill
+++ jennifer sanchez

paper couture

old news, but i still love the paper hats from chanel's spring line



i want a couple...love these chairs for kids from leif-designpark

spied at graphic exchange


tara donovan




sumptuous textures...art from tara donovan

+ styrofoam cups
++ paper plates
+++ tape


stefano azario

an intimate, beautiful family shot from stefano

nervous system

couple of jewelry pieces from nervous system...love the laser-cut necklace

necklace spied at oh, hello friend
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