Lammers Lens

A few exquisite shots from fashion photographer Felix Lammers.
The lighting, hair, makeup...lovely.


Viva Coldplay

For one week only, you can download a new Coldplay song from their forthcoming album.
Being one of my favorite bands, I'm delighted with the name of their album and the accompanying artwork on their site.


Set in Wood

Carve (or burn) your message on a wood postcard...love it. From yoyashop.


Press and Photo

Some lovely work from port2port press, including both photography and letterpress.


Found Love

I found my "i love you" cards in Atlanta. They are starting to show up in more places....and I really like the potential implications.
See more about what these cards are all about here.


Birthday Yay!

A few b-day things for my honey...

a mini amp in orange of course

a little Bjork, like only Scott Hansen could do

some Rushmore, one of the best movies ever


Marimekko Happy

Always love just about anything Marimekko...but these make me especially happy.

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