Beautiful India

My internet was out yesterday, which wasn't necessarily a bad thing...
Just found out my husband may travel to India for work, which I'm very excited about. My trip to India through design school last year was phenomenal...an absolute visual feast and bombardment of the senses. One cannot explain the sites, smells, and sounds that are unique to this beautiful country. It was on this trip that I began to really "look" with my camera. I know I'll return sometime again.

Here are just a few.

Although in sore need of updating, more photos can be found here.
I also found a great blog, rang:the coulours of life, with more lovely India.


Arch said...

Hi Viva,

Thanks for your visit to my blog.
Glad you liked it:-)
Do drop by often:-)

You have a lovely blog here too!


vineeta said...

Hey, Im a fan of archana's Rang as well! And i foolishly feel good whenever anybody says they like India :)

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