Do Something Creative Everyday

That is my new goal.
I will do something creative every day.

I just adore this motto from Paper Source .


Laura Bucci said...

Hi Viva, I like your posts - reporting on lots of nice stuff. I like your photos of India, especially like the sewing machine shot with green curtains. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Viva said...

Thanks Laura! You have great work :)
The photo you like (green curtains) is also one of my favorites.

vineeta said...

Oh i could use that one! But flickering has really opened my eyes to the beauty around me. So thats a start.

Viva said...

Vineeta....I have to start flikering :)
Need more hours in the day and two more arms for baby!

vineeta said...

O god, what have i just started u on! you will have a ball on flickr & love it- one word of warning though- It can get HUGELY addictive. Im trying to keep discipline & praying daily for a 28 hour day :)

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